Emergency First Aid at Work Training | Appointed Person Training

BCE are Qualsafe approved providers of accredited Emergency First Aid at work training. Emergency First Aid at Work training was formally known as appointed person training in the UK. It should be noted however that there is no longer an official “appointed person’s First Aid course”.  This was replaced by the one day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course. The EFAW course is suitable for businesses that are low risk and do not require a full three day First Aid at Work qualification.

Based in Bristol and Weston super Mare with excellent transportation links, we provide a convenient centre for your training. Our courses will provide you with all the training you need to act as a First Aider and give appropriate emergency First Aid in the workplace.

Emergency First Aid at Work Training and Appointed Persons

An appointed person is the former name for a person within an organisation who is responsible for first aid equipment and procedures. An appointed person is ideal for small and low risk businesses where all employees are not required to take the First Aid at Work Course and where emergency first aid training is sufficient. Appointing a person within your workforce to deal with all medical emergencies will ensure your compliance is met.

Does my Organisation Require Emergency First Aid at Work Training?

If your organisation is of low risk you may not require a fully trained First Aider, such training is for organisations where there is only a small number of staff. The role of the First Aider is to Preserve life, Prevent deteroration and Promote recovery by providing  potentially life saving care until full medical treatment is available.

Use our calculator here to help determine what’s required for your business.

The above and more are covered in our emergency first aid training courses. If you are unsure on whether you need an emergency first aid at work course or the three day first aid training at work, don’t hesitate to use our calculator above or contact us today.  Our friendly, family-run company can help provide you with all the answers you need.

Emergency First Aid at Work Training | Appointed Person Training

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