Appeals Procedure

This procedure is to be read in conjunction with your Individual Learning and Development Plan where your named contacts number, email and address are held. By named contacts we mean your Assessor, Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) and External Quality Assurer (EQA).

If a learner believes that they have a justified grievance related to an assessment process or decision, the appeals procedure should follow the process set out below: 

Stage 1 – Tutor/Assessor and Learner

The learner should discuss the matter with the tutor who undertook the assessment in the first instance within five working days of receiving their assessment decision. The Tutor/Assessor must consider the reasons and look again at the assessment. He or she must then give the student a response, which must be either:

  • Confirmation in writing, that the original assessment decision stands, 

  • A new decision with an explanation of the reason for the change. The response must be filed either in the IQA, Programme Quality file or electronically (as appropriate).
If the learner accepts the tutor’s response, then the appeal stops at this point. If the learner is still unhappy with the decision, he/she must tell the tutor within five working days of receipt.

The appeal will move to Stage 2. 

Stage 2 – Lead Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)

Following notification that the learner is still unhappy with the assessment decision, the tutor must give the Lead IQA the following information within two working days of the appeal reaching Stage 2: 

  • The original assessment record and candidate’s evidence, where appropriate.

  • The written explanation and confirmation of the assessment decision.

The Lead IQA will reconsider the assessment decision, taking the following into account:

  • The learner’s reason for appeal; 

  • The learner’s evidence and associated records; 

  • The learner’s reason for the decision; 

  • The opinion of another assessor from the centre. 


The lead IQA must then give the reconsidered decision in writing within five working days of receiving the appeal, to both learner and tutor. The learner must tell the IQA and confirm in writing if they are still unhappy with the reconsidered assessment decision within five working days of receipt of the decision. If so, the appeal moves to Stage 3. 

Stage 3 – Awarding Body

If the student is dissatisfied with the decision after Stage 2, then at this stage it will pass to the Awarding Body for the particular qualification. All of the written documentation regarding the appeal will be sent to BCE’s Operations Director and Awarding Body and must be sent within 5 working days from the Lead IQA’s decision. From this point on the process will follow the Awarding Bodies policies.

Details of our Awarding Bodies are:

I Can Qualify – T: 0207 8493370

W: E:

Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance T: 0845 2260350

W: E:

Qualsafe Awards T: 0845 6443305

W: E:

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Awarding Body you can escalate your complaint to the qualification regulator Ofqual, either a representative of BCE or the relevant Awarding Body will be able to provide details of how to do this.