Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

BCE are committed to providing Information advice and Guidance to learners.

All adult learners applying to BCE Ltd have an entitlement to impartial INFORMATION, ADVICE AND GUIDANCE (IAG) at every stage of their learning journey. The IAG may be:

  • Before entry to learning – choosing a programme, with any provider, that is most suited in terms of location, content, level, delivery style, costs, qualification, entry requirements, support available, etc.
  • At induction – key information and advice related to programme, learning contract, options for course change if required, complaints procedure, etc.
  • On programme – advice on learner support available, possible progression/employment routes, job search techniques etc.
  • On exit – further learning or employment opportunities, etc.

BCE is committed to providing high quality IAG to existing and potential customers. BCE will also recognise its own limitations and refer enquirers to other Training Providers or Colleges when required IAG cannot be provided by BCE.

To ensure that IAG services are accessible to all and of good quality, BCE will:

Maintain the Matrix IAG quality mark and ensure that IAG services meet the standards within this framework.

Ensure that marketing, promotional and information materials are comprehensive, accessible and available in a range of formats

Provide staff opportunities to gain qualifications in IAG and training to ensure understanding of:

  • IAG policy, strategy, aims, objectives, procedures and performance indicators
  • Equality and diversity
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Learner support, including financial support
  • Referral systems (internal and external)
  • Customer care
  • Technological support
  • Information sources
  • Safeguarding & Prevent  

Monitor effectiveness and improve the quality of IAG via:

  • Customer feedback
  • Staff feedback
  • Annual renewal/update of information materials
  • Develop and review partnerships and networks to support provision of impartial IAG and referral to appropriate partners. 


BCE aims to support customers to make informed choices by giving IAG that is: 


We won’t only look at courses offered by BCE. We will help clients look at what other providers are offering. They will be told how to find out more – perhaps given a phone number or website address.


Nothing from the discussion will be shared with anyone else without the client’s knowledge or permission.


Clients will be treated fairly and equally. If they have a disability, reasonable adjustment will be made. If their culture or religion mean that they need special arrangements, these will be made wherever possible.


Clients will be told what will happen. If, at any time, clients do not understand what is going on, they will be encouraged to ask the adviser to explain.


We will do all we can to help clients access our service and support them in using it. If clients have any concerns or worries about being able to use our service, they will be encouraged to let us know.


  1. Establish effective communication with customers
  2. Identify information requested by customers
  3. Supply information materials to customers
  4. Assist customers to clarify their requirements
  5. Identify a range of options for achieving customer requirements
  6. Enable customers to select a course of action
  7. Maintain and improve information materials