Lost Evidence Policy

This policy has been written in the event a learner or BCE loses a learner’s evidence and to attempt to mitigate the potential issues that could arise for all parties including the learner, the training centre and the awarding organisation. Notwithstanding all of the information contained in this policy BCE will take all possible steps to ensure the safety of learners work and portfolios whether they are being stored on the centre’s premises or in transit of any kind adhering to confidentiality requirements at all times. This policy is not intended as an easy option for poor procedures but to assist all parties involved in the unfortunate event learner’s work is lost.

What to do in the first instance you become aware of potential lost evidence

Before any reporting of the lost evidence to the awarding organisation BCE will be sure that all possible searches for the work have been made and include all and any parties that could have had access to the work. In the event that following a full and exhaustive search the evidence remains lost then the following procedure is to be followed.

Reporting the Lost Evidence

For the purpose of this policy when the word evidence is used it is to mean that the learner has either completed fully their evidence across the qualification or that such a significant percentage of the qualification has been completed it would be impractical to redo it again.

Therefore, should a learner’s evidence be lost and there is no other way of resurrecting the evidence and it would be impractical to do so, the Internal Quality Assurer will complete the attached Lost Evidence Notification Form completing in full all the requested details on the form and stating that the learners work was complete or clearly detailing the progress the learner had made and the units that had already been fully completed and signed off. With this form the centre will also need to provide the following additional information where applicable;

Any online or paper exam results and the notification/confirmation sheets received by the centre. Attendance registers, copies of assessor’s action/assessment plans and reviews, evidence of any digitally recorded assessments.

Reviews / assessment records that have indicated competence, Internal Verification/Internal Quality Assurance records available relating to the lost evidence, witness statement from the assessor to confirm learner competence and completed learner interviews.

Applications must be supported by supplementary evidence that is applicable and always with a witness statement from the relevant assessors and Internal Verifier.

Once the Lost Evidence Notification Form has been fully completed, signed by all parties this needs to be submitted to your External Verifier/EQA who will make the final decision and judgment and provide a response accordingly. The External Verifier will do this within their awarding organization procedures. The External Verifier/IQA’s decision will be final.