Multi-Faith Room – Purpose and Rules

The multi-faith room is a place for spiritual refreshment, exploration and counsel for people of any religious persuasion or none. The multi-faith room is designed to be conducive to individual prayer and meditation and will contain appropriate facilities to assist the prayers of members of major religious traditions.

While the multi-faith room is for individual prayer, it is recognised that for Muslim prayer there is an additional blessing when the faithful pray with another or others. While this is fully respected, it is expected that the multi-faith room will be shared openly with those of other religious traditions who may wish to pray at the same time and those who may just wish to think and reflect.

A room will be provided within the Hive on request.

Code of Practice

All users of the multi-faith room are expected to:

  • Exercise self-restraint and a concern for the freedom and dignity of others.
  • Respect other people’s freedom to express their beliefs and convictions in worship and prayer.
  • Respect the convictions of others about food, dress and social etiquette and not behave in a way to cause offence.
  • Not be disparaging of other people’s faiths and practices.
  • Not actively seek to persuade others to join their faith.
  • Report any concerns re room usage to Organisation Reception Staff as soon as identified.

Rules for use of the multi-faith room (to be displayed inside and on the door of the room)

  • Users of the multi-faith room should respect each other and their views.
  • The multi-faith room is available to all, at all reasonable times.
  • No particular group has any exclusive rights to use the multi-faith room.
  • The room cannot be used for socialising or group activities.
  • The multi-faith room is not bookable.
  • The multi-faith room may only be used by students and staff of BCE and official visitors to BCE.
  • Do not leave personal items (e.g. shoes) outside the multi-faith room
  • No items should be left in the multi-faith room
  • No posters or leaflets should be distributed or displayed in the multi-faith room
  • There will be no burning of incense or candles.
  • here will be no eating, drinking or smoking in the multi-faith room.