Poster and Handout Policy

BCE strives to provide convenient, comfortable individual and group lerning space in a secure environment that is conducive to the learning needs of all members of BCE's community.

Promotional materials, including posters and handouts, may be displayed in designated locations, provided that the contents are appropriate for a public audience within the context of a learning community.

In the interest of the environment, BCE urges staff and community groups to consider non-paper promotion alternatives. The bulk of promotional paper materials end up in recycle bins before being read. Please consider the environment before printing.

Guidelines for Distributing Handouts

  • BCE is not responsible for the content of materials produced by other groups.
  • BCE reserves the right to remove and dispose of expired materials, as well as materials deemed potentially offensive.
  • Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be placed in any location unless specifically designated as a public distribution point.
  • All handouts must be included in lesson plans, risk assessed via the Checklist for Course Resources, approved and signed off before use.

Guidelines for Displaying Posters

  • Only posters approved by the Board of Directors can be displayed.
  • It is recommended that posters do not exceed 11x14 inches, as sufficient display space may not be available for larger posters.
  • Posters and other notices may not be affixed to walls, pillars, bathroom stalls, doors, windows or any other location not specifically designated for public display purposes.