Risk Assessment Process to Protect Vulnerable Learners

All enrolment forms must be checked for additional social or learning needs. This is covered in section 3. All Learners will complete BCE’s initial assessment process, this involves english, math and learning styles assessments. Additional needs may be identified at any point of the course. They are usually self declared by the Learner at the start, however, BCE staff should be aware these may come to light later on in the programme. In this case the Individual Learning and Development Plan would be updated on discovery of the additional needs. Additional needs should NEVER be ignored.

Where any additional social or learning needs are identified this must be documented on the Individual Learning and Development Plan. Details of the need identified, the date it was identified and action to be taken must be clearly documented. For each session with the Learner a separate review must be completed detailing the support given in relation to the additional need. These must be uploaded to iLearner alongside the learning review and monitored by the Assessors IQA.